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We acknowledge and appreciate the efforts of funders who make it possible, through their support, for us to remain operational. Special mention goes to the National Lotteries Commission for funding the purchase of our office premises and other running costs of the organization. We also extend our gratitude to the Department of Social Development for their continued support through subsidization of our programmes. Lastly, we are eternally indebted to the Independent Development Trust who have, over the years, funded for the employment of our fieldworkers. To find out how you can also be involved in helping our work visit the "Get Involved" page on this site. 
Prevention and Early intervention Programmes 

We run a groupwork programme focused on parenting skills. The group programme is offered over 14 sessions with particular focus on parents with children displaying behavioral problems. You can contact us to enquire about enrolling onto our group work programmes. 

Our Social Worker avails himself for consultation at schools within Bothaville. We aim, through this initiative, to render prevention services through being available for learners to report neglect or abuse in its early stages. 

Community Work and Community Development Programmes

We have gardens at 8 schools in Bothaville. All the produce from these gardens are given to the schools to supplement their feeding schemes. We recognize that for a significant number of children accessing food at school is a major part of their daily nutrition so we aim to boost the feeding schemes of these schools through this initiative.

We also run a programme under which our fieldworkers daily clean classrooms for learners in Grade R to Grade 3 in all schools in Kgotsong, Bothaville. We believe that a healthy learning environment for all learners is a basic need. Our services through this programme have gone a long way to help Foundation Phase learners to access clean classrooms and we are confident that we have made it possible for the learners to dedicate more focus to their school work. 

We have two after school care centres in Kgotsong Bothaville. These centres focus on homework assistance for primary school children as well as recreational activities in general. We recruit members mostly from children receiving foster care supervision services from our office but we do have other children attending our centres as well. You may enquire with us regarding the possibility of enrolling in one of our after school care centres.

Pre-Statutory Services

We render pre-statutory services to clients within our service area. Our focus is on screening clients for foster care placements as well as rendering pre-placement group work services to both prospective foster care parents and children who are about to be placed in foster care.

We also have an active temporary safe care database comprising of 15 temporary safe care parents. 

Statutory Services

We are a Designated Child Protection Organization in terms of the Children's Act 38 of 2005. As such, when the need arises, we intervene by rendering services as stipulated by the Act. We conduct foster care placements for both related and unrelated placements. Over 200 children are in foster care placements under the supervision of our office. The number continues to grow as we encounter more children in need of statutory services. We also render foster care supervision services as well as transfers and terminations of foster care placements.  

After Care services 

We have Independent Living groupwork programmes for children in foster care who are about to exit the alternative care system. Besides the group work programme, we involve these children in, we have also partnered with a local Driving School to facilitate that all our foster care children exit the alternative care system with at least a Learner's driving license and where possible a Code 8, 10 or 14 Driving License. We also help learners with accessing free internet for the purposes of applying for bursaries, loans and tertiary education admission.   

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